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The International Press Institute World Congress in Edinburgh in May 2006 will combine many of the traditional IPI strengths with some significant innovations.

Several hundred publishers, editors and senior journalists from around the world will come and debate and discuss a range of issues that concern all those who support the IPI's core purpose - the fight for a free media in poor and rich countries alike, in democracies and dictatorships.

There will be sessions on topics that have animated passions for much of the year - on the confidentiality of sources, on privacy and the celebrity culture, on the rise and rise of the internet and the difficulty established organisations face when confronted with the sometimes valuable chaos caused by bloggers. There will be a reminder of stories that we covered - and then forgot. And in a truly dreadful year for the safety of journalists, we will be unveiling a major study of an international inquiry into the subject - along with argument about who is responsible. And there will be more - looking at the problems faced by some smaller countries in defending media pluralism and sustaining quality when confronted by global players and media concentration.

We are expecting politicians and diplomats of world fame to participate, along with journalists and even the occasional celebrity - where they have something to say.

The Edinburgh Congress will organise sessions differently to previous years. Most sessions will have one keynote speaker - and the panel will respond rather than each make a stand-alone speech. We are determined to allow more time for debate from the floor. Furthermore, we intend to employ more audio-visual material to clarify key points - and to enliven the sessions. We also will be seeking to extend the impact of the Congress to the local community. We have already established a partnership with a local university.

All in all - we want to inform and entertain you about subjects that matter. So, please come to Edinburgh and enjoy the debate and the glorious city itself.

Mark Damazer
Vice Chairman

Mark Damazer
Edinburgh Castle